1 KN95 Respiratory Face Mask Protective Gear ON SALE

1 KN95 Respiratory Face Mask Protective Gear ON SALE

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Filtering face piece respirators (FFR) are subject to different regulatory standards around the world and provide a much higher level of protection. Any Respirator Masks for Sale must first surpass the necessary physical properties and characteristics in order to assert conformity with the relevant standard. The N95 is the USA Code and KN95 is China code.
Shop for N95 masks and KN95 masks as they are suitable for respiratory protection, filtering dust, haze, bacteria, droplets, and other harmful particles in the air. The result of N95 and KN95 is the same, the efficiency of filtration of non-oily particles is more than or equal to 95% with a diameter of 0.3 microns or more, which is very good for the defense of corona-virus.


Respiratory face masks commonly known as KN95 masks and N95 masks can protect against the virus if you wear and use them correctly. Our KN95 and N95 masks for Sale are available to be used by NHS teams, hospitals, and pharmacists to protect themselves and patients.
Prevent fluids and wet droplets entering your eyes, nose, and mouth from coughs, sneezes, and other fluids. Shop for N95 Masks and K95 masks now.


  • The Respiratory masks for Sale offer Certified Grade 3 protection from droplets and splashes.

  • The KN95 and N95 masks are thicker than a normal medical mask with effective filter of dust, haze, and droplets (more than 95%). The KN95 mask consists of 4 layers of purification.

  • The masks are composed of PET material which is durable and comfortable.

  • The KN95 and N95 Mask for Sale are adjustable to fit any head size. They need to be correctly equipped.

  • The mask should be disposed of immediately if it gets wet or dirty. A typical respiratory face mask will last over 1 week.

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