4 PPE Essentials You Need During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While many of us never considered using personal protective equipment in the past, it’s quickly becoming a common thing to see when going out in public. You might be wondering: what PPE items are actually essential? How can they help me? Here are four must-haves that will help keep you safe from the virus.


1.      Face Masks

As the pandemic has escalated, face masks have become more and more common—for good reason. Whenever you are in public, you should be wearing a face mask. Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets such as those produced from coughing or sneezing. A mask may not look great, but it’s safer than doing nothing. Not only does it limit your potential to spread the virus, but it protects you from coming in contact with droplets from those who may be carriers.

 Although there’s been a lot of hype around homemade masks, this isn’t the best route to go. Ideally, you want a mask with multiple layers to provide you with maximum protection. Disposable masks should only be worn once and reusable masks should be properly washed after every use.


2.      Gloves

We should all be washing our hands thoroughly and regularly. However, sometimes an extra layer of protection is helpful. For example, you might want to wear gloves at the grocery store to limit your contact with germs before you are able to wash your hands. But remove them before you get home, or they won’t do any good!

 Remember that most gloves are disposable. Make sure you throw them out after each use and change them if you’ve had any potential exposure to the virus.


3.      Hand Sanitizer

When you’re on-the-go, a sink and soap aren’t always easily accessible. That’s one of the main reasons hand sanitizer is such a useful item! It’s portable, the perfect thing to slip into your purse or take with you in your car.

 If you want your hand sanitizer to be effective at killing germs (and the virus), you should get hand sanitizer that’s over 70% alcohol. The problem with some hand sanitizer is that repeatedly using such a high-alcohol product on your hands can dry out your skin. Because of this, it’s great to look for hand sanitizer that contains aloe and/or vitamin E. These nourishing ingredients will keep your skin soft while protecting you from coronavirus.


4.      Oximeters

One of the things that’s so scary about the coronavirus is it’s possible to be infected with the virus without experiencing any symptoms. And one of the most dangerous parts of the coronavirus is the havoc it can wreak on the lungs. A pulse oximeter may be able to combat both these things. This device alerts you if the saturation of oxygen in your blood is dangerously low before you actually sense you’re in trouble.

 These devices are easy to use at home. All you have to do is clip them onto your finger, earlobe, or toe. Although you’ll feel a slight pinch, it’s relatively painless.


Maximize Your Protection from the Virus with These PPE Items

A lot of these items have become more difficult to find now as people are stockpiling them. Fortunately, DFW Medical Supply has all of them! We’re the perfect choice for high-quality PPE, hand sanitizer, oximeters, and more that you need to get you through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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